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SAMS Award


JISR Award for Leadership in Mathematics
The Board of Directors of the Saudi Society for Mathematical Sciences approved the regulations (JISR Award for Leadership in Mathematics) and approved its establishment, and a supervisory committee for the award was formed and the organizational guide of the award was completed. It is planned to start the second semester of the academic year 1442 AH in one of the categories related to the mathematics teacher, namely:
(Creative initiatives) considering that the success of teaching mathematics depends on the competent and distinguished teacher.


  • Reasons for the award

    1. The need to develop students' knowledge in general and higher education in mathematics, which requires the search for distinguished field experiences and programs to achieve this.

    2. The dependence of mathematics on logical and creative thinking and reasoning and metacognitive thinking, which requires renewal and diversification in the methods of presentation and presentation to students.

    3. The great effort provided by mathematics teachers and faculty members compared to what is provided by others, which places a greater responsibility on practitioners and specialists in mathematics and its teaching in creating programs and projects that appreciate this effort

    4. Contribute to achieving the Kingdom's Vision 2030 by raising the level of students in knowledge in order to achieve advanced results compared to the average international results and obtain an advanced classification in the global indicators of cognitive achievement in mathematics.

  • Award Objectives

    1. Develop and teach knowledge in mathematics in Saudi Arabia.

    2. Discovering outstanding and creative people in mathematics, learning it, encouraging and motivating them.

    3. Highlighting creative experiences in mathematics education and then disseminating them in order to benefit more from them in the educational reality.

    4. Achieving scientific and educational communication between specialists in the field of mathematics and its education.

    5. Contribute to the development of scientific research in mathematics and its teaching.

  • Target audience of the award

    1. Mathematics teachers in general education.

    2. Faculty members in higher education.

    3. Mathematics supervisors in the Department of Education.

    4. Students of general and higher education.

    5. Interested and creative in mathematics and its education.

  • Award Branches
    The award consists of four branches that are activated successively cycle after cycle according to the decisions of the Board of Directors of the Association and the four branches of the award are:

    1. Teaching performance branch for mathematics teachers: It consists of standards and performance indicators in the field of general and higher teaching.

    2. Scientific Excellence Branch: It consists of general standards in the field of excellence in mathematics and its research.

    3. Research Excellence Branch: It consists of general standards in the field of excellence in mathematics, teaching and research.

    4. Creative Initiatives Branch: It consists of general standards in the field of creativity in mathematics and its education.

  • Award Scope
    The competitions (JISR Award for Leadership) are held for all students, practitioners, interested and faculty members in general and higher education, male and female, in the field of mathematics and learning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    The offer is to provide a product that serves mathematics and teach it in any effective and possible way, and there are no restrictions on the form of the product or the framework for its presentation.
    The competition is presented periodically (annually) and has a supervisory and follow-up body, scientific committees and arbitration that are according to appropriate criteria and here is a timetable for submitting projects and ideas, then judging them, announcing the results and celebrating the winners in a special ceremony.

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