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Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences

The Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences (AJMS) will publish original contributions to the mainstream areas of mathematics, including algebra, analysis, topology-geometry, differential equations, and discrete mathematics. Each volume consists of two issues, each appearing semi-annually. All papers submitted for publication are refereed. The manuscript should be typed and should conform to the guidelines which appear at the end of any issue. The mathematics subject classification and the keywords should appear after the Abstract.

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From Volume: 26 Issues: 1/2 2020, to Volume: 29 Issue: 1 2023 (click here).


Volume 25 Issue 2 July 2019:

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • Metric dimension of generalized wheels by Badekara Sooryanarayana, Shreedhar Kunikullaya, Narahari Narasimha SwamyDownload PDF

  • Some results on modules satisfying S-strong accrby S. Visweswaran, Premkumar T. LalchandaniDownload PDF

  • Fractional calculus of generalized p-k-Mittag-Leffler function using Marichev-Saigo-Maeda operators by M. Kamarujjama, N.U. Khan, Owais KhanDownload PDF

  • Some results on vanishing moments of wavelet packets, convolution and cross-correlation of wavelets by A.M. Jarrah, Nikhil KhannaDownload PDF

  • On stochastic solutions of nonlocal random functional integral equations by M.M. Elborai, M.I. YoussefDownload PDF

  • Bifurcation analysis of a nonlinear diffusion model: Effect of evaluation period for the diffusion of a technology by Rakesh Kumar, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Kulbhushan AgnihotriDownload PDF

  • An extension of the reflexive property of rings by Arnab BhattacharjeeDownload PDF

  • Fitted finite difference method for third order singularly perturbed convection diffusion equations with integral boundary condition by Velusamy Raja, Ayyadurai TamilselvanDownload PDF


Volume 25 Issue 1 January 2019:

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF 

  • The (≤ 5)-hypomorphy of digraphs up to complementation by Aymen Ben Amira, Bechir Chaari, Jamel Dammak, Hamza Si KaddourDownload PDF 

  • The solution of certain triple q-integral equations in fractional q-calculus approach by M.A. AL-TowailbDownload PDF 

  • Parallelizing pairings on Hessian elliptic curves by Emmanuel FouotsaDownload PDF 

  • Oscillation criterion for first-order linear differential equations with several delay arguments by Hongwu Wu, Julio G. DixDownload PDF 

  • New characterizations of completely monotone functions and Bernstein functions, a converse to Hausdorff’s moment characterization theorem by Rafik Aguech, Wissem JedidiDownload PDF 

  • Iterative approximation of fixed points of contraction mappings in complex valued Banach spaces by Godwin Amechi OkekeDownload PDF 

  • Existence results for systems of first-order nabla dynamic inclusions on time scales by Bouharket Bendouma, Ahmed HammoudiDownload PDF 

  • Hochschild cohomology of Sullivan algebras and mapping spaces by J.-B. GatsinziDownload PDF


Volume 24 Issue 2 July 2018:

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • From the editor. Download PDF

  • Skew-signings of positive weighted digraphs by Kawtar Attas, Abderrahim Boussaïri, Mohamed ZaidiDownload PDF

  • Partial answers of the Asadi et al.’s open question on M-metric spaces with numerical results by Pathaithep Kumrod, Wutiphol SintunavaratDownload PDF

  • Best proximity pair and fixed point results for noncyclic mappings in modular spaces by Karim Chaira, Samih LazaizDownload PDF

  • Approximating fixed points of nearly asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in CAT(k) spaces by Anupam SharmaDownload PDF

  • Some results and examples of the biharmonic maps with potential by Abdelkader Zagane, Seddik OuakkasDownload PDF

  • On the structure of conservation laws of (3+1)-dimensional wave equation by S. Reza Hejazi, Elham LashkarianDownload PDF

  • On some higher order boundary value problems at resonance with integral boundary conditions by Samuel Azubuike Iyase, Olawale Joshua AdelekeDownload PDF

  • Existence of solutions for quasilinear random impulsive neutral differential evolution equation by B. Radhakrishnan, M. TamilarasiDownload PDF


Volume 24 Issue 1 January 2018:

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • On the bi-harmonic maps with potential by Ahmed Mohammed Cherif, Mustapha DjaaDownload PDF

  • On Fibonacci and Lucas sequences modulo a prime and primality testing by Dorin Andrica, Vlad Crişan, Fawzi Al-ThukairDownload PDF

  • Oscillation criteria for a class of third order damped differential equations by Osama Moaaz, Elmetwally M. Elabbasy, Ebtesam ShaabanDownload PDF

  • Asymptotic behaviour of a suspension bridge problem by Soh Edwin MukiawaDownload PDF

  • Kohn-Vogelius formulation and topological sensitivity analysis based method for solving geometric inverse problems by Maatoug Hassine, Imen KallelDownload PDF

  • The stable processes on symmetric matrices by Farouk MselmiDownload PDF

  • Some results of the f-biharmonic maps and applications by Djelloul Djebbouri, Seddik OuakkasDownload PDF

  • Copula conditional tail expectation for multivariate financial risks by Brahimi Brahim, Benatia Fatah, Yahia DjabraneDownload PDF

  • Classification of derivation algebras in low dimensions by Mohammed Guediri, Kholoud AlbalawiDownload PDF


Volume 23 Issue 2 July 2017:

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • On a type of almost Kenmotsu manifolds with nullity distributions by U.C. De, Krishanu MandalDownload PDF

  • Some congruences modulo 2 and 5 for bipartition with 5-core by Nipen Saikia, Chayanika BoruahDownload PDF

  • On subspace-diskcyclicity by Nareen Bamerni, Adem KılıçmanDownload PDF

  • Some explicit and recursive formulas of the large and little Schröder numbers by Feng Qi, Bai-Ni GuoDownload PDF

  • On the equation Vn=wx21 by Ümmügülsüm Öğüt, Refi̇k Keski̇nDownload PDF

  • Symmetric duality for left and right Riemann-Liouville and Caputo fractional differences by Thabet Abdeljawad, Delfim F.M. TorresDownload PDF

  • Statistical properties of an estimator for the mean function of a compound cyclic Poisson process in the presence of linear trend by Bonno Andri Wibowo, I Wayan Mangku, SiswadiDownload PDF

  • On the genus of nil-graph of ideals of commutative rings by T. Tamizh Chelvam, K. Selvakumar, P. SubbulakshmiDownload PDF

  • On the study of Brück conjecture and some non-linear complex differential equations by Dilip Ch. Pramanik, Manab Biswas, Rajib MandalDownload PDF

  • Local convergence of a fifth convergence order method in Banach space by Ioannis K. Argyros, Santhosh GeorgeDownload PDF

  • Hermite-Hadamard-Fejér type inequalities for p-convex functions by Mehmet Kunt, İmdat İşcanDownload PDF

  • Potential eventual positivity of sign patterns with the underlying broom graph by Ber-Lin Yu, Jie Cui, Hongzhuan Wang, Xingyong XieDownload PDF

  • Weighted modulus Sθ-convergence of order α in probability by Sanjoy Ghosal, Mandobi Banerjee, Avishek GhoshDownload PDF


Volume 23 Issue 1 January 2017:

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • Topics in differential geometry associated with position vector fields on Euclidean submanifolds by Bang-Yen ChenDownload PDF

  • A survey on the geometry of production models in economics by Alina-Daniela Vîlcu, Gabriel-Eduard VîlcuDownload PDF

  • On connections on principal bundles by Indranil BiswasDownload PDF

  • Geometry of conformal vector fields by Sharief DeshmukhDownload PDF

  • On the equivalence of two curvature conditions for Lorentzian hypersurfaces by Mohammed Guediri, Norah AlshehriDownload PDF

  • Characterizing spheres by an immersion in Euclidean spaces by Sharief Deshmukh, Ibrahim Al-DayelDownload PDF

  • Ground state solutions and least energy sign-changing solutions for a class of fourth order Kirchhoff-type equations in N by Sofiane Khoutir, Haibo ChenDownload PDF


Volume 22 Issue 2 July 2016:

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • On some fixed point results in b-metric, rectangular and b-rectangular metric spaces by Hui-Sheng Ding, Mohammad Imdad, Stojan Radenović, Jelena VujakovićDownload PDF

  • Resolution of a high-order parabolic equation in conical time-dependent domains of  3 by Arezki Kheloufi, Boubaker-Khaled SadallahDownload PDF

  • Skew generalized power series Hopfian modules by Refaat Salem, Mohamed Farahat, Hanan Abd-ElmalkDownload PDF

  • A parameter uniform numerical method for singularly perturbed delay problems with discontinuous convection coefficient by V. SubburayanDownload PDF

  • Solvability of Sturm-Liouville boundary value problems for multiple order fractional differential equations by Yuji Liu, Shengping Chen, Liuman OuDownload PDF

  • Isolate domination in graphs by I. Sahul Hamid, S. BalamuruganDownload PDF

  • Total graph of a module with respect to singular submodule by Jituparna Goswami, Kukil Kalpa Rajkhowa, Helen K. SaikiaDownload PDF

  • Slant Riemannian submersions from Sasakian manifolds by I. Küpeli Erken, C. MurathanDownload PDF

  • Values shared by meromorphic functions and their derivatives by Sujoy MajumderDownload PDF

  • General f-harmonic morphisms by Nour Elhouda Djaa, Ahmed Mohamed CherifDownload PDF

  • Corrigendum to “On some spaces of lacunary convergent sequences derived by Norlund-type mean and weighted lacunary statistical convergence” [Arab J. Math. Sci. 20 (2) (2014) 250-263] by Metin Basarir, Sukran KoncaDownload PDF

  • The Fibonacci Resonance and Other New Golden Ratio Discoveries, Clive N. Menhinick. OnPerson International Limited, Poynton, Cheshire (2015), 618 pp.+xiv, ISBN 978-0-9932166-0-2 by Dorin AndricaDownload PDF


Volume 22 Issue 1 January 2016:

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • When is the annihilating ideal graph of a zero-dimensional quasisemilocal commutative ring complemented? by S. Visweswaran, Hiren D. PatelDownload PDF

  • Generalized derivations as homomorphisms or anti-homomorphisms on Lie ideals by Nadeem ur Rehman, Mohd Arif RazaDownload PDF

  • Crosscap of the ideal based zero-divisor graph by T. Tamizh Chelvam, S. NithyaDownload PDF

  • Redheffer type inequalities for modified Bessel functions by Khaled MehrezDownload PDF

  • Distribution in the sense of eigenvalues of g-Toeplitz sequences: Clustering and attraction by Eric NgondiepDownload PDF

  • Perturbations of Fredholm linear relations in Banach spaces with application to 3×3-block matrices of linear relations by Aymen Ammar, Toka Diagana, Aref JeribiDownload PDF

  • Little Hankel operators on the Bergman space by Namita Das, Pabitra Kumar JenaDownload PDF

  • An Osgood condition for a semilinear reaction-diffusion equation with time-dependent generator by José Villa-MoralesDownload PDF

  • Hyper-order and fixed points of meromorphic solutions of higher order linear differential equations by Habib Habib, Benharrat BelaïdiDownload PDF

  • Characterization of self-adjoint domains for differential operators with interior singular points by Qiuxia Yang, Wanyi WangDownload PDF

  • On the existence of positive solutions for an ecological model with indefinite weight by Saleh Shakeri, Ghasem A. Afrouzi, Armin HadjianDownload PDF

  • Solutions to Kirchhoff equations with critical exponent by El Miloud Hssini, Mohammed Massar, Najib TsouliDownload PDF


Volume 21 Issue 2 July 2015:

  • Inside Front Cover: Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • Existence of positive solutions for a variational inequality of Kirchhoff type by Ouidad Frites, Toufik MoussaouiDownload PDF

  • On the positive weak almost limited operators by Nabil Machrafi, Aziz Elbour, Kamal El Fahri, Khalid BourasDownload PDF

  • Towards a Morse theory on Banach spaces via ultrafunctions by Vieri Benci, Isaia NisoliDownload PDF

  • Triangle-free graphs which are minimal for some nonstable 4-vertex subset by Mohammad AlzohairiDownload PDF

  • ϕ-semisymmetric generalized Sasakian space-forms by U.C. De, Pradip MajhiDownload PDF

  • The spectra and eigenvectors for the weighted mean matrix operator by E. Pazouki, B. YousefiDownload PDF

  • Notes on meromorphic functions sharing small function and its derivatives by Amer H.H. Al-KhaladiDownload PDF

  • Tian invariant on generalized Calabi manifold by Adnène Ben Abdesselem, Malek Filali, Riadh JelloulDownload PDF

  • Positive solutions of multi-point boundary value problem of fractional differential equation by De-xiang MaDownload PDF

  • Periodic solutions for a Cauchy problem on time scales by Fode ZhangDownload PDF

  • Statistical convergence of order α in probability by Pratulananda Das, Sanjoy Ghosal, Sumit SomDownload PDF


Volume 21 Issue 1 January 2015:

  • Inside Front Cover: Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • From the Editor. Download PDF

  • The (exponential) multipartitional polynomials and polynomial sequences of multinomial type, Part II by Hacène Belbachir, Miloud MihoubiDownload PDF

  • Gravitational field of Schwarzschild soliton by Musavvir Ali, Zafar AhsanDownload PDF

  • On the range of the generalized Fourier transform associated with a Cherednick type operator on the real line by Najoua Barhoumi, Maher MiliDownload PDF

  • Two computational algorithms for the numerical solution for system of fractional differential equations by M.M. Khader, N.H. Sweilam, A.M.S. MahdyDownload PDF

  • Some companions of Ostrowski type inequality for functions whose second derivatives are convex and concave with applications by M. Emin Özdemir, Merve Avci ArdicDownload PDF

  • Operatorial approach to the non-Archimedean stability of a Pexider K-quadratic functional equation by A.B. Chahbi, A. Charifi, B. Bouikhalene, S. KabbajDownload PDF

  • Inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard type for functions whose derivatives in absolute value are convex with applications by Muhammad Amer LatifDownload PDF

  • Existence of viscosity solution for a singular Hamilton-Jacobi equation by H. Ibrahim, S. ZabadDownload PDF

  • Linear maps preserving G-unitary operators in Hilbert space by Abdellatif Chahbi, Samir KabbajDownload PDF

  • On some numerical characteristics of operators by M. Gürdal, M.T. Garayev, S. Saltan, U. YamancıDownload PDF


Volume 20 Issue 2 July 2014:

  • Inside Front Cover: Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • Existence of a solution for a class of parabolic equations with three unbounded nonlinearities, natural growth terms and L1 data by Dominique Blanchard, Hicham RedwaneDownload PDF

  • Weighted Ostrowski type inequalities for functions with one point of nondifferentiability by A. Aglić Aljinović, J. Pečarić, S. Tipurić-SpuževićDownload PDF

  • Characterization of GCR-lightlike warped product of indefinite Sasakian manifolds by Rakesh Kumar, Rachna Rani, Manish Gogna, R.K. NagaichDownload PDF

  • Applications of an identity of Andrews by D.D. Somashekara, K. Narasimha MurthyDownload PDF

  • General stability result in a memory-type porous thermoelasticity system of type III by Salim A. Messaoudi, Tijani A. ApalaraDownload PDF

  • The (exponential) multipartitional polynomials and polynomial sequences of multinomial type, Part I by Miloud Mihoubi, Hacène BelbachirDownload PDF

  • Multiples of repunits as sum of powers of ten by Amin WitnoDownload PDF

  • On some spaces of lacunary convergent sequences derived by Nörlund-type mean and weighted lacunary statistical convergence by Metin Başarır, Şükran KoncaDownload PDF

  • Curvelet transform for Boehmians by Subash Moorthy Rajendran, Roopkumar RajakumarDownload PDF

  • Double Hopf bifurcation in delay differential equations by Redouane Qesmi, Mohamed Ait BabramDownload PDF


Volume 20 Issue 1 January 2014:

  • Inside Front Cover: Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • From the Editor. Download PDF

  • Nonlinear anisotropic parabolic equations in Lm by Fares MokhtariDownload PDF

  • Some results on Whitney numbers of Dowling lattices by Mourad RahmaniDownload PDF

  • Remarks on some coupled coincidence point results in partially ordered metric spaces by Stojan RadenovićDownload PDF

  • I-Statistical convergence in 2-normed space by Ulaş Yamancı, Mehmet GürdalDownload PDF

  • Remark on the system of nonlinear variational inclusions by Zoran D. MitrovićDownload PDF

  • Implicit iterative method for approximating a common solution of split equilibrium problem and fixed point problem for a nonexpansive semigroup by K.R. Kazmi, S.H. RizviDownload PDF

  • Infinitely many solutions for systems of n fourth order partial differential equations coupled with Navier boundary conditions by Shapour HeidarkhaniDownload PDF

  • Generating relations of multi-variable Tricomi functions of two indices using Lie algebra representation by Nader Ali Makboul HassanDownload PDF

  • Submersions of generic submanifolds of a Kaehler manifold by Tanveer Fatima, Shahid AliDownload PDF

  • A characterization of projective special unitary group U3(5) by nse by Shitian LiuDownload PDF

  • On q-extension of Laurent expansion with applications by Ahmed SalemDownload PDF


Volume 19 Issue 2 July 2013:

  • Inside Front Cover: Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • Semipotency and the total of rings and modules by Hamza HakmiDownload PDF

  • On ideal hypersurfaces of Euclidean 4-space by Bang-Yen ChenDownload PDF

  • The Lüroth semigroups of a curve over a non-algebraically closed field by E. BallicoDownload PDF

  • Tight wave packet frames for L2() and 𝓗2() by AbdullahDownload PDF

  • Some new generalized 2D Ostrowski-Grüss type inequalities on time scales by Bin ZhengDownload PDF

  • On asymptotic properties of Laguerre-Sobolev type orthogonal polynomials by Luis Alejandro Molano MolanoDownload PDF

  • Cowling-Price type theorem related to Bessel-Struve transform by Soumeya Hamem, Lotfi Kamoun, Selma NegzaouiDownload PDF

  • A note on comutativity of rings with additive mappings by Shakir Ali, Ajda Fošner, Mohammad Salahuddin KhanDownload PDF

  • Multiplicity of solutions for a general p(x)-Laplacian Dirichlet problem by A.R. El Amrouss, F. KissiDownload PDF

  • On the essential spectrum of magnetic Schrödinger operators in exterior domains by Ayman Kachmar, Mikael PerssonDownload PDF

  • A stochastic maximum principle in mean-field optimal control problems for jump diffusions by Farid Chighoub, Brahim MezerdiDownload PDF

  • Numerical and theoretical treatment for solving linear and nonlinear delay differential equations using variational iteration method by M.M. KhaderDownload PDF


Volume 19 Issue 1 January 2013:

  • Inside Front Cover: Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • Parametric evaluations of Ramanujan’s singular moduli by Nipen SaikiaDownload PDF

  • Estimates for Monge-Ampère operators acting on positive plurisubharmonic currents by Moncef ToujaniDownload PDF

  • Möbius transformations with n-cycles geometric viewpoint by Tariq A. Al-Fadhel, Mongi BlelDownload PDF

  • Some fixed point results for a class of


    -monotone increasing multi-valued mappings by Jiandong Yin, Ting GuoDownload PDF

  • Vector implicit quasi complementarity problems by Suhel Ahmad Khan, Byung Soo LeeDownload PDF

  • Solving partial fractional differential equations using the F A -transform by Arman Aghili, Alireza AnsariDownload PDF

  • On a multi point boundary value problem for a fractional order differential inclusion by Aurelian CerneaDownload PDF

  • A remark on the existence of positive solutions for variable exponent elliptic systems by G.A. Afrouzi, S. Shakeri, N.T. ChungDownload PDF

  • The differential pencils with turning point on the half line by A. Neamaty, Y. KhaliliDownload PDF

  • Corrigendum to: Existence of solutions for multi point boundary value problems for fractional differential equations by N. NyamoradiDownload PDF


Volume 18 Issue 2 July 2012:

  • Inside Front Cover: Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • A binding number condition for graphs to be (abk)-critical graphs by Sizhong Zhou, Jiashang Jiang, Lan XuDownload PDF

  • On the Diophantine equation x 2 4 p m =± y n by Fadwa S. Abu Muriefah, Amal AL-RashedDownload PDF

  • A new parameter for Ramanujan’s theta-functions and explicit values by Nipen SaikiaDownload PDF

  • Existence of solutions for fractional differential inclusions with nonlocal strip conditions by Bashir Ahmad, Sotiris K. NtouyasDownload PDF

  • The Aleksandrov problem on non-Archimedean normed space by Danping Wang, Yubo Liu, Meimei SongDownload PDF

  • A generalization of the Meir-Keeler type contraction by Kieu Phuong Chi, Erdal Karapınar, Tran Duc ThanhDownload PDF

  • On regularization and error estimates for non-homogeneous backward Cauchy problem by M. Denche, A. AbdessemedDownload PDF

  • Existence of solutions for multi point boundary value problems for fractional differential equations by Nemat NyamoradiDownload PDF

  • Limit cycles of the sixth-order non-autonomous differential equation by Amar Makhlouf, Chems Eddine BerhailDownload PDF

  • An auxiliary ordinary differential equation and the exp-function method by Jin-Liang Zhang, Ke-Quan Gao, Chuang-Feng Chen, Jian-Fang ZhangDownload PDF

  • Numerical simulations for the pricing of options in jump diffusion markets by Youssef El-Khatib, Qasem M. Al-MdallalDownload PDF


Volume 18 Issue 1 January 2012:

  • Inside Front Cover: Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • Subsets of a projective variety Xn spanning a given Pn by E. BallicoDownload PDF

  • A note for “On the rational recursive sequence xn+1=A+i=0kαixn-ii=0kβixn-i” by Xianyi Li, Li ZhouDownload PDF

  • Haar wavelet method for solving generalized Burgers-Huxley equation by İbrahim ÇelikDownload PDF

  • Rate of convergence for generalized Baskakov operators by Vijay Gupta, Rani YadavDownload PDF

  • Asymptotics of extremal polynomials off the unit circle by R. Khaldi, A. Guezane-LakoudDownload PDF

  • Introducing an efficient modification of the homotopy perturbation method by using Chebyshev polynomials by M.M. KhaderDownload PDF

  • Exact travelling wave solutions of nonlinear evolution equations by using the ( G ' G ) -expansion method by Ahmet Bekir, Ferhat UygunDownload PDF


Volume 17  Issue 2 July 2011:

  • Inside Front Cover: Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • Fibonacci numbers and orthogonal polynomials by Christian BergDownload PDF

  • On the principal frequency curve of the p-biharmonic operator by Abdelouahed El Khalil, Siham Kellati, Abdelfattah TouzaniDownload PDF

  • α(x)-Potentials in an infinite network by Sujith SivanDownload PDF

  • An efficient algorithm for solving extended Sylvester-conjugate transpose matrix equations by Caiqin Song, Guoliang ChenDownload PDF

  • Multivalued and singlevalued fixed point results in partially ordered metric spaces by Binayak S. Choudhury, N. MetiyaDownload PDF

  • Weak and strong convergence theorems of modified Ishikawa iteration for an infinitely countable family of pointwise asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in Hilbert spaces by Javad BalooeeDownload PDF


Volume 17  Issue 1 January 2011:

  • Inside Front Cover. Download PDF

  • From the Editor. Download PDF

  • Equations of motion for zeros of orthogonal polynomials related to the Toda lattices by Mourad E.H. Ismail, Wen-Xiu MaDownload PDF

  • Matrix inversion using orthogonal polynomials by Ruiming Zhang, Li-Chen ChenDownload PDF

  • On the recursive sequence xn+1=a+bxnA+Bxn-1k by Alaa E. Hamza, A.M. Ahmed, A.M. YoussefDownload PDF

  • A survey of elliptic Kato classes and some applications for partial differential equations by Habib MâagliDownload PDF

  • Quantum states as realizations of groups by Abdel-Shafy Fahmy ObadaDownload PDF


Volume 16 Number 1 June 2010. Download PDF

  • Submanifolds with parallel mean curvature vector in Riemannian and indefinite space forms by Bang-Yen ChenDownload PDF

  • On the implementation of a block predictor-corrector method for initial value problems by Salman H. AbbasDownload PDF

  • Odd nonlinear binomial states: statistical properties by A. Al-BarakatyDownload PDF


Volume 15 Number 2 December 2009. Download PDF

  • Integrability of u and evolutionary Wente’s problem associated to reaction-diffusion operator by Sami Baraket and Taieb OuniDownload PDF

  • Schrödinger matrices on a finite network by M. Damlakhi and V. AnandamDownload PDF

  • New Oscillation criteria for nonlinear higher order neutral difference equation by Pon. SundarDownload PDF

  • On the wreath product of groups containing M24 by Ibrahim R. Al-Amri and Areej A. Al-MuhaimeedDownload PDF


Volume 15 Number 1 June 2009. Download PDF

  • The Lie algebraic treatment of partial differential equations of evolution type by M. Sebawe Abdalla and M.A. BashirDownload PDF

  • Reflexivity of fuzzy Banach space by Omer F. MukherijDownload PDF

  • Potential theory on finite graphs by K. Abodayeh and V. AnandamDownload PDF


Volume 14 Number 2 December 2008. Download PDF

  • Generalized Sobolev spaces and pseudo-differential operators of exponential type on the Laguerre hypergroup by Hacen ben AbdallahDownload PDF

  • Möbius transformation with a 2-cycle by Tariq A. Al-FadhelDownload PDF

  • Closed polar sets in a Riemannian manifold by Victor Anandam and Suad AlhemedanDownload PDF

  • The pagenumber of N -free planar ordered sets that contain neither  K 2 , 3 nor  K 3 , 2    is most three by Mohammad AlzohairiDownload PDF


Volume 14 Number 1 June 2008. Download PDF

  • A note on transversal hypersurfaces of almost hyperbolic contact manifolds by Rajendra Prasad, Amit Kumar Rai, M.M. Tripathi and S.S. ShuklaDownload PDF

  • A consequence of the Laurent decomposition by Ibtesam BajunaidDownload PDF

  • On a new operator based on a grill and its associated topology by B. Roy, M.N. Mukherjee and S.K. GhoshDownload PDF

  • Some properties concerning the indicial roots of the Jacobi operator about the Delaunay hypersurface by Mohamed JleliDownload PDF


Volume 13 December 2007. Download PDF

  • On P-closedness in a bitopological space by S.k. Sen and M.N. MukherjeeDownload PDF

  • New function theoretic proofs of Brown-Halmos theorems by Hocine GuediriDownload PDF

  • On limiting case of the Sobolev theorem for B -Riesz potential in B -Morrey spaces by Javanshir J. Hasanov and Yusuf ZerenDownload PDF

  • Eigenvalues of the Laplace operator on compact Riemannian manifolds by Sharief DeshmukhDownload PDF

  • On the automorphism group of some special S 1 O ( n , R ) -invariant domains in n by Nabil OurimiDownload PDF


Volume 12 Number 1 June 2006. Download PDF

  • On the Diophantine equation d1x2+4d2=yn by Fadwa S. Abu MuriefahDownload PDF

  • Intersection, fixed points and minimax inequalities with a generalized coercivity in H-spaces by Souhail ChebbiDownload PDF

  • Applications of Briot-Bouquet differential subordination to some classes of meromorphic functions by F.M. Al-Oboudi and H.A. Al-ZkeriDownload PDF

  • Breakdown of solutions of a system describing heat propagation with second sound by Salim A. Messaoudi and Ahmed A. Al-JuhaniDownload PDF


Volume 11 Number 2 December 2005. Download PDF

  • Improved convergence order for finite volume solutions. Part II: 2D Problems by Bilal Atfeh and Abdallah BradjiDownload PDF

  • On a subclass of prestarlike functions with negative coefficients by Nailah A. AldihanDownload PDF


Volume 11 Number 1 June 2005. Download PDF

  • Improved convergence order for finite volume solutions. part I: 1D problems by Bilal Atfeh and Abdallah BradjiDownload PDF

  • On uniform accelerated fluid flow past a rotating circular cylinder by M. Anwar Kamal and Abu Zar A. SiddiquiDownload PDF


Volume 10 Number 2 December 2004. Download PDF

  • Backward stochastic differential equations in infinite dimensions and applications by Abdulrahman Al-HusseinDownload PDF

  • Completely superharmonic polyharmonic functions on a Riemannian manifold by Moustafa K. DamlakhiDownload PDF

  • Approximation of conjugates of almost Lipschitz functions by matrix-Cesàro summability method by Shyam LalDownload PDF

  • About Gevrey- L 2 -estimates of pseudo-differential operators associated to the Gevrey symbols by Mohammed HaziDownload PDF


Volume 10 Number 1 June 2004. Download PDF

  • Martingale representation theorem in infinite dimensions by Abdulrahman Al-HusseinDownload PDF

  • Biharmonic functions in a locally compact space by Kamaleldin AbodayehDownload PDF

  • On normal families by Abdullah AlotaibiDownload PDF

  • Notes on 4-dimensional hyper-para-Kähler manifolds by Terumasa NihonyanagiDownload PDF


Volume 9 Number 2 December 2003. Download PDF

  • Decay and gradient estimate for solutions of a quasilinear heat equation by Salim A. MessaoudiDownload PDF

  • Endomorphisms of a multiplication module by Yousef Al-ShaniafiDownload PDF

  • Approximation of W(Lp,ξ(t)) function by (N,p,q)C1 means of its Fourier series by Shyam LalDownload PDF

  • A method of testing interaction in a single replicate two-way classification experiment by A.A. Al-Shiha and S.S. YangDownload PDF

  • Performance of second-order A-minimax optimal designs for estimating slopes under model variation by S. Huda and Arwa M. Al-ShingitiDownload PDF


Volume 9 Number 1 June 2003. Download PDF

  • A model for fuzzy plane projective geometry by M. Tahami, Y. Bahrampour and M. Mashinchi. Download PDF

  • On the geometry of 3-contact CR-submanifolds of manifolds with generalised 3-Sasakian structure by Falleh R. Al-SolamyDownload PDF

  • Nonclassical properties for some intermediate states by M. Sebawe Abdalla and A.-S.F. ObadaDownload PDF

  • Correction to the paper “Generalized subgroups and homomorphisms”, Volume 6, Number 2, December 2000 by M. Mehrabi, M.R. Molaei and A. OloomiDownload PDF


Volume 8 Number 2 December 2002. Download PDF

  • Automorphisms of P 0 P-lattices by Khalil I. TabashDownload PDF

  • Existence results for nonconvex sweeping processes with perturbations and with delay: Lipschitz case by Messaoud Bounkhel and Mustapha YarouDownload PDF

  • Large time asymptotic bounds of  L solutions for some reaction-diffusion equations by Salah BadraouiDownload PDF

  • A characterization of Einstein manifolds by Sharief DeshmukhDownload PDF


Volume 8 Number 1 June 2002. Download PDF

  • Segre embedding and related maps and immersions in differential geometry by Bang-Yen ChenDownload PDF

  • A theorem on complex submanifolds of a complex projective space by Bayram ṢahinDownload PDF

  • Semi-commutative modules and Armendariz modules by Ardeline Mary Buhphang and M.B. RegeDownload PDF


Volume 7 Number 2 December 2001. Download PDF

  • On submanifolds of codimension two of a nearly trans-Sasakian manifold by U.C. De, A.K. Sengupta, Rajendra Prasad and Mukut Mani TripathiDownload PDF

  • Remarks on a four-dimensional compact almost Kähler Einstein manifold by Takashi Oguro and Kouei SekigawaDownload PDF

  • On a class of locally conformal manifolds by Filip Defever and Radu RoscaDownload PDF

  • Semitopological spaces by Raja Mohammad LatifDownload PDF

  • A multistage test for detecting multiple outliers in the normal case by A.A. Al-Shiha and S.S. YangDownload PDF

  • On the Diophantine equation x2+2k=yn II by S.A. Arif and Fadwa S. Abu MuriefahDownload PDF


Volume 7 Number 1 June 2001. Download PDF

  • Remarks on certain Salem numbers by T. ZaimiDownload PDF

  • On the spectrum of the tensor products of JC-algebras by F.B.H. Jamjoom and H. Al-JebreenDownload PDF

  • Exponential decay for a semilinear problem with memory by Nasser-eddine TatarDownload PDF

  • Logarithmic potentials by PremalathaDownload PDF

  • Existence of travelling waves for a model from epidemiology by Smaïl DjebaliDownload PDF

  • The pagenumber of spherical lattices is unbounded by Mohammad Alzohairi, Ivan Rival and Alexandr KostochkaDownload PDF


Volume 6 Number 2 December 2000. Download PDF

  • Generalized subgroups and homomorphisms by M. Mehrabi, M.R. Molaei and A. OloomiDownload PDF

  • On the range of some linear partial differential operators by Moustafa K. Damlakhi and Sadoon I. OthmanDownload PDF

  • Some properties of α-irresolute multifunctions by Valeriu Popa and Takashi NoiriDownload PDF

  • On weak solutions of a system of one-dimensional nonlinear thermoelasticity by Messaoudi A. SalimDownload PDF

  • Integral inequality of Gronwall-Bellman type by James Adedayo OguntuaseDownload PDF

  • A new kind of Hankel-Toeplitz type operator connected with the complementary series by M. Engliš, S.C. Hille, J. Peetre, H. Rosengren and G. Zhang. Download PDF

  • Branching processes with decreasing immigration and tribal emigration by I. Rahimov and Walid S. Al-SabahDownload PDF

  • Testing NBUFR and NBAFR classes of life distributions using kernel methods by M.I. Hendi, H. Al-Nachawati and M.N. Al-GraianDownload PDF


Volume 6 Number 1 June 2000. Download PDF

  • Semisymmetry and Ricci-semisymmetry for hypersurfaces of semi-Riemannian space forms by Filip Defever, Ryszard Deszcz, Dorota Kowalczyk and Leopold VerstraelenDownload PDF

  • Pairings and twisted products by S. Caenepeel and Zhengming JiaoDownload PDF

  • Note on totally real Pisot-numbers in the successive derived sets of Pisot-numbers by Toufik ZaïmiDownload PDF

  • Chaotic dynamics in nonsmooth perturbations of bishadowing systems by P. Diamond, P.E. Kloeden, M.A. Krasnosel’skii and A.V. PokrovskiiDownload PDF

  • Blow up in the solutions of an equation describing a transverse motion of a nonhomogeneous string by Salim A. MessaoudiDownload PDF

  • The Hasse principle for a class of cubic surfaces by Samir SiksekDownload PDF


Volume 5 Number 2 December 1999. Download PDF

  • A classical viewpoint on quantum chaos by R.L. Lemmer and P.G.L. LeachDownload PDF

  • Sur les nombres de Pisot totalement réels by Toufik ZaïmiDownload PDF

  • Lucas theorem for generalized pseudo-derivatives of abstract polynomials by I. Bajunid, F.B.H. Jamjoom and N. ZaheerDownload PDF

  • Diffraction of transient SH-waves in a half space by F.D. Zaman, S. Asghar and A. RashidDownload PDF

  • A(∞)-simultaneous rational approximation by Mansour Asiry. Download PDF



Volume 5 Number 1 June 1999. Download PDF

  • Uniqueness of positive solution to a class of quasilinear differential equations by M. Guedda and E. NabanaDownload PDF

  • On the existence of degenerate hypersurfaces in Sasakian manifolds by Constantin CalinDownload PDF

  • Biharmonic point singularities in n by T. AI-Fadhel, V. Anandam and S.I. OthmanDownload PDF

  • The height pairing on elliptic curves with complex multiplication by S. SiksekDownload PDF

  • A note on the accuracy of some estimation techniques in the presence of measurement errors by L.N. Sahoo and R.K. SahooDownload PDF


Volume 4 Number 2 December 1998. Download PDF

  • From discrete to absolutely continuous solutions of indeterminate moment problems by Christian BergDownload PDF

  • Certain classes related to functions of bounded boundary rotation by Nailah A. Al DihanDownload PDF

  • Singularities of the solution of a 2 m -parabolic problem in a polygonal domain by Boubaker-Khaled SadallahDownload PDF

  • Improving estimates in regular group divisible designs by A.I. KanjoDownload PDF


Volume 4 Number 1 June 1998. Download PDF

  • Twice degenerate equations in spaces of vector-valued functions by P.E. Kloeden and A.M. Krasnosel’skiiDownload PDF

  • Characterization of spheres in a Euclidean space by Sharief DeshmukhDownload PDF

  • Biharmonic Green functions in a Riemannian manifold by Victor AnandamDownload PDF

  • An r-quorum queueing system with random server capacity and impatient customers under N-policy by Lotfi Tadj, Lakdere Benkherouf and Lakhdar AggounDownload PDF


Volume 3 Number 2 December 1997. Download PDF

  • The invariance of the ideal core (a1,,an) of a set of homogeneous polynomials by David KirbyDownload PDF

  • Conformal geodesic transformations by E. García-Río and L. VanheckeDownload PDF

  • The transversal vector bundle of a lightlike Finsler submanifold by Aurel Bejancu and Sharief DeshmukhDownload PDF

  • On some classes of analytic functions by Awatif A. Hendi and Ibtesam M. Abu-SulaymanDownload PDF


Volume 3 Number 1 June 1997. Download PDF

  • Fuzzy derivations by Boniface I. Eke, Kyoung Hee Lee and John N. MordesonDownload PDF

  • Derivatives of matrix order by G.R. Miller and A.B. ThaheemDownload PDF

  • Characterization of exponential mixtures by means of a predictor of the failure rate and expectations of order statistics by A.N. AhmedDownload PDF

  • Some redundancy results for continuum structure functions by William S. GriffithDownload PDF

  • On the optimality of a replenishment policy for an inventory model with deteriotating items and time-varying demand and shortages by Lakdere BenkheroufDownload PDF

  • On certain integral operators defined on some classes of univalent functions by H.A. Al-KharsaniDownload PDF


Volume 2 Number 2 December 1996. Download PDF 

  • On tests of new better than renewal used classes by A.M. Abouammoh and M.H. AI-SadiDownload PDF

  • Some applications of the Laplace transform ratio order by Antonio Di Crescenzo and Moshe ShakedDownload PDF

  • Efficiency calculations of some tests for exponentiality by using TTT-transforms by Bengt Klefsjö and Ulf WestbergDownload PDF

  • Stochastic comparisons of residual lifetimes by Ibrahim A. AhmadDownload PDF

  • Assessing system reliability using non-stationary models by Nader Ebrahimi and Rama T. LinghamDownload PDF


Volume 2 Number 1 June 1996. Download PDF

  • Geometry of degenerate hypersurfaces by Aurel BejancuDownload PDF

  • Four-dimensional almost Kähler manifolds of pointwise constant holomorphic sectional curvature by J.T. Cho and K. SekigawaDownload PDF

  • Hypersurfaces in the Euclidean space R4 by Sharief DeshmukhDownload PDF

  • Asymptotic test for monotone variance residual life by A.I. KanjoDownload PDF

  • Characterization of fuzzy T0 and R0 topological spaces by M.A. AmerDownload PDF

  • On new renewal better than used classes of ageing by M.I. Hendi and A.F. MashhourDownload PDF


Volume 1 Number 1 December 1995. Download PDF

  • Close-to-convex functions of complex order related to Ruscheweyh derivative by Fatima M. Al-OboudiDownload PDF

  • Asymptotic solutions for second-order differential equations by F.N. Al-Showaikh and A.S.A. Al-HammadiDownload PDF

  • A finite difference method for approximating the solution of a certain class of singular two-point boundary value problems by I.T. Abu-Zaid and M.A. El-GebeilyDownload PDF

  • Further results on A-optimal second-order designs over cubic regions by S. Huda and I.H. KhanDownload PDF

  • Multiplicity in algebra and geometry by David KirbyDownload PDF

  • Pareto optimum and equilibrium points of private ownership economies - a simpler approach without fixed point theorems by E. TarafdarDownload PDF

  • Cosmology of general relativity without energy conservation by A.S. Al-Rawaf and M.O. TahaDownload PDF

  • General formulation of the Padé approximants to the perturbation series in non-relativistic quantum mechanics by A.B. KhalilDownload PDF