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Vision, Mission and goals

Be a leading scientific, cultural and educational source in the field of mathematics and its education at the Arab world.

The association is committed to active and distinguished participation in the development of mathematics and education, dissemination of its culture and scientific support and advice to government institutions and eligibility at the Arab world.


  • Developing thought to serve mathematics and the society.

  • Spreading the culture of mathematics and creating a positive relationship between it and all segments of society, including teachers, learners and parents.

  • Support and revitalization of theoretical and applied scientific research in mathematics.

  • Nurturing and encouraging talented students and outstanding mathematicians.

  • Meeting the needs of the public and private sector from applied scientific research and scientific consultations with different mathematics sciences.

  • Contributing to the development of mathematics education in the Kingdom and the Arab world

  • Achieving scientific communication between specialists in the field of mathematics within and outside the Kingdom, whether at the level of individuals or institutions

  • Encouraging interest in the history of mathematics and highlighting the achievements of Arab and Muslim scholars in it.