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Instructions for Registering on SAMS the Platform

Technical Guidelines on Entry Requirements for Separation of the Virtual Bridge Platform via wiziQ:
  1. Hardware:
    • ​Smart classrooms can be accessed from any electronic device (computer - smartphone - tablet ... etc.)

    • The presence of an updated antivirus program.

    • Check the speakers/microphone settings.

    • Check the camera settings (if you want to turn it on) or make sure it is disabled or covered (if you don't want it to be turned on)

    • Devices are free of unreliable software

    • It is preferable for the teacher to use a stylus for easy writing on the smart classroom board.

  2. Internet:
    • ​​Connection of the electronic device to the Internet
    • Internet with a stable speed of at least 8 MB
  3. Browser:
    • ​​Availability of updated Chrome, Firefox, or edge browsers
  4. Important software:


Last updated on : October 1, 2023 6:42am