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About the SAMS Platform

An electronic platform concerned with providing lectures, seminars, training courses, scientific consultations and others in the fields of mathematics.

Leadership in providing training programs in the fields of mathematics.
Active participation in providing scientific and professional support to mathematicians.
  • Attracting specialists in mathematics to provide specialized, educational, programming programs and everything related to mathematics.

  • Sustainable professional development for mathematics professionals and those interested in it.

Platform News
  • The training platform was launched in 1440 AH at the initiative of the Board of Directors of the Association represented by Dr. Obaid Al-Qahtani and under the supervision of Dr. Tariq bin Amer Al-Saiari and the participation of the volunteer team Mr. Abdul Moneim Al-Abdullah, Mr. Zuhur Al-Juhani, Mr. Al-Anoud Al-Khuzaim, Mr. Amal bin Mardah.

  • Five free specialized courses were offered during the year 1440.

  • Mrs. Zuhur Al-Juhani was assigned to supervise the platform for the year 1441AH, 1442AH, 1443AH and 1444AH, respectively.