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Association achievements

Held more than 130 seminars and 100lectures, courses and workshops
"Saudi Society for Mathematical Sciences (JISR)". A long history in the development of mathematics in the Kingdom

The Saudi Society for Mathematical Sciences "JISR" at King Saud University is a scientific body concerned with mathematical sciences in all its specialized branches and the teaching methods and teaching aids that serve it, and contributes to the development of teaching and learning mathematics in the Kingdom, through the services and scientific and cultural activities it provides to those interested in mathematical sciences, whether through the publications of the association, foremost of which is the Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences, which is a refereed and classified magazine, or the general ideas magazine, in addition to the events organized by the association from conferences, seminars, workshops, courses and competitions Cultural.

Since its inception, "JISR" Association has achieved many achievements in the field of sports sciences, as it recently culminated in the rise of the association's classification from category (B) to category (A) at King Saud University and obtaining the best association in scientific specialization for the year 1435-1436 AH.

The Society has signed a number of cooperation agreements with some private parties, including a non-research agreement with the American Sports Association (AMS), and has provided a number of consultations to some government and private agencies during the past years, in addition to its membership in the International Sports Federation (IMU), which announces the winners of the Fields Medal for Mathematics, and the Society has been organizing a number of scientific trips for its employees.

The Saudi Society for Mathematical Sciences also issues annually two issues of the refereed scientific journal "Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences", which is currently published through the international publishing house "ELSEVIER", in addition to issuing Afkar magazine periodically, and the Society also prints many brochures and publications on mathematics.
The Society organized many scientific conferences on teaching and learning mathematics, and held more than 119 specialized seminars in partnership with several parties, as well as more than 100 lectures, courses and workshops, in addition to participating in the establishment of international conferences in mathematical sciences and their applications. The Society has also implemented more than 30 research competitions, in addition to holding a number of exhibitions for the Society in many conferences over several years, and hosting a number of exhibitions in some of the Society's conferences.

Among the most prominent scientific events held by the "Bridge" Association, it held many specialized sports conferences and conferences on teaching and learning mathematics. The Society held the Mathematics Science and Education Conference, the Mathematics Education Conference in the Primary and Intermediate Stages, the New Conference in Mathematical Sciences, the World Mathematics Conference entitled Mathematics 2000, the Information Technology in Mathematics Conference at Prince Sultan National University, the Mathematics and its Applications Conference, as well as the "Special Functions and Applications" conference in partnership with the Department of Mathematics at King Saud University, with the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation and with the Scientist Fellowship Program at King Saud University. It also implemented the "New Methods in Partial Differential Equations" conference in partnership with the Scientist Fellowship Program at King Saud University, and the "New Trends in Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations" conference in partnership with the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation.